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Do The Math

An issue I ran into recently was a simulation that was producing results that were unexpected when aligned to reality. In brief, a production line was not producing the number of daily units that would have been expected. Was the issue the data, the logic of the model, or something else? Sometimes the answer is…More

Supply Chain Simulation

From my personal experience developing supply chain simulations can be one of the most challenging flavors of simulation to create. However, a solid supply chain model can result in some of the highest returns based on the investment in simulation. Supply chain models are heavily data dependent which can be difficult to create, understand, and…More

Using Simulation to Adapt

The modern world is changing all the time and for organizations must adapt in order to succeed. The mid 2010s were a time of significant economic growth and everything seemed to be continuing on the track until the Covid pandemic hit. Using historical data to create forward thinking strategic plans use to be the only…More

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